Tuesday 17 May 2016

Leicester City & Travis Monday 16th May
What a great way to spend a spring evening.
(Scroll down for "Travis")
More Leicester City pics here

A few snippets of video --


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Sunday 8 May 2016

The Musical Month of May

A few live bands in May, starting with a couple of tribute bands at the Flower Pot in Derby

Cult Fiction

Pure Purple

Ian Gillan 1980/ Oz Fisher 2016

The Icicle Works
and at the O2 Academy (scholar) in Leicester-
Lots more photos

Compare Ian 2016/1986(ish) 

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Leicester Day Yesterday


Sunday 1 May 2016

Birmingham April 23rd 2016

There was time, before and after the incomparable Troye Sivan last week, for a few photos in Birmingham City centre. Lots more Troye on