Thursday 18 August 2016

Infra Red & Visble Light Sunny Sussex August 2016

Remembered my Infra Red filter this time, as you'll see. A mix of IR/Mono/False Colour & Visible, (Sometimes on the same photo) .Newhaven and Peacehaven, August 2016  
From Gibbon Road across the bay to Seaford

Mayfield Avenue, where Nicolette Lloyd &family had a holiday home in the 60s
30 Slindon Ave, where we lived 62-67
Cliffs at Newhaven

Denton Tidal Creek
Newfield Lane, Newhaven 

Harbour lighting mix
Hope Springs Eternal
Denton Tidal Creek
Newhaven Harbour
Newhaven Incinerator
A man, his dog & Seven Sisters
The Old Museum Site Newhaven
Bastion Steps Peacehaven
St Michael's Newhaven. Doesn't get seen as often as it should, being a bit off the main road
(More later)
(Old) Derelict Building, just across from the bridge


Stitched Peacehaven Panorama from the Highway
Towards Denton Corner
Used to have to do cross country running round this  from Tideway in the early 70s
Combination Ferrapy - IR/Visble light mix

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