Saturday 13 August 2016

The Leicester Pub Crawl August 2016

First pub crawl in many years, and how splendid it was. Original plan was Charles Napier, Swan and Rushes, Bricklayers and the Salmon. However we got waylaid in the Black Horse and Robert Peel and then hunger took over so had a curry and Kingfisher in the Santhi, and put the Salmon on hold. Service in all the pubs was attentive. Beerwise,  Doombar in the Napier only  average, they concentrate more on the fizzy stuff.  Beer was excellent in all the others. Gold star for outstanding  service and beer goes to the Sir Robert Peel. Thanks also to the Santhi for serving us so late, excellent.

   This shows the approx. route 1: Sir Charles Napier, 2: The Black Horse 3: Sir Robert Peel 4: Swan and Rushes 5: The Bricklayers Arms (6) Santhi Indian Restaurant. 

Sir Charles Napier beckons

Look what I found, and I got a hug.

-- On the way in 

a night on the tiles

-- On the way out 

We're shadows of our current selves

It wasn't London Pride in the Glass. Special mention to Karaoke/Singers in the Bricklayers. Where else would one hear Eric Bogle's magnificent and moving  " and the band played waltzing Matilda"? 

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